70,000 Grain Twin Metered Water Softener Series 930

Category : Water Softeners
Part Number: A930TA-70

Product description

70,000 Gr. Twin Metered Series 930 Complete With Bypass. The beautiful thing about a twin is the efficiency. It is able to use all the available capacity, because it does not have to regenerate at night. It can deliver non-stop soft water to your home. This softener is available in Black or Almond. There are multiple connection kits available, you will want to specify which connection kit that matches the plumbing in the home.

Why use a Twin Meter Alternating Water Softening System?

No Interruptions:

By alternating the regeneration process the system offers absolutely no interruption of conditioned water. With one unit online at all times the second unit can be regenerating or on stand-by.

Efficient and Cost Effective

This system is highly proficient and continually adjusts itself to maximize efficiency. Rather than regenerate at a set time, the system is designed to regenerate when you need it to. This makes it the most economical unit for maximum use and minimal waste.

Extra Hard Water

Do you live in an area that has extra hard water? The Twin Meter Alternating Water Softening System is perfect for maintaining soft water even when the water is unusually hard.

Large Family

Do you have a large family or a lot of people living in your home? The Twin Meter Alternating System is designed to handle high volume usage without ever running out of softened water.

Sporadic Usage

Is your water usage sporadic, using less water on some days and more water on others? The Twin Meter Alternating System solves your problem by regenerating only when needed.


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