32,000 Grain Timeclock Water Softener Series 940

Category : Water Softeners
Part Number: A940-32

Product description

32,000 Gr. Series 940 Complete With Bypass. This softener regenerates based upon time, with certain number of days in-between regenerations. This is a small water softener typically used in a small home with 1 to 3 people living in the home. This softener is available in Black or Almond. There are multiple connection kits available, you will want to specify which connection kit that matches the plumbing in the home.
  • The 1” full port design allows for the high- est flow rates available in a 1” system.

  • The electronic timer allows the regenera- tion cycle to be programmed by day-of-week or 1-99 day intervals.

  • State of the art electronic microprocessor backs up the program memory for uninter- rupted service after a power outage.

  • Premium quality water softening resin to ensure trouble free operation.

  • Reduces the effect of scale build up in your water heater and water lines.

  • Extends the life of dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters.

  • Reduces the amount of detergent and soap requirements by up to 70%.

  • Clothes washed in conditioned water last longer, colors stay brighter, and come out cleaner and softer.

  • Helps control spotting on glasses and tableware.

  • Helps reduce skin irritations and adds a healthy luster to hair, leaving it soft and easy to groom.

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